PEO Services

We offer a variety of PEO services for your company to utilize. Most Atlanta PEO companies are not able to match our services and typically will only provide you with a few employee leasing or payroll services which are simply not enough to meet the HR outsourcing needs of your business. Here at Net PEO we will provide you with all of the human resources outsourcing services that are required to meet your business’s needs. When you contact us to take advantage of all of the benefits of our PEO services, we will conduct a needs assessment which will help us to better understand your current situation and needs which will allow us to provide you with the HR services that you really need. Best of all our services are always free of charge to you!

Our Brokerage Services: By conducting our needs analysis upfront we are able to help the client company to let us know what they need while also becoming more familiar with their own issues and concerns. Once our clients are able to identify their HR needs we are then able to use our experience as a GA Human resources provider to utilize our large network of qualified human resources providers to help them find the best company to meet their PEO and HR outsourcing needs. Once the connection is made, we will remain there throughout the transition to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Our Employee Leasing Services Provided by Individual PEO’s:

Employee Administration – We will match you with a qualified HR provider that will help you to manage all of your needs such as; recruiting, administration training, performance management, employee handbook creation, organizational development and any other human resource administration objectives that your business may have.

Employee Benefits – The best employees understand the extreme importance of employee benefits. We understand this and will link you with a HR company that will provide you with everything that you need to ensure that your employees are provided with everything that is needed to be happy, healthy and productive at work.

Payroll Services – One of the largest concerns for most companies is concerns regarding employee payroll. You may not need to have an in house payroll department because by choosing to use our HR outsourcing services we can connect you with a company that is able to manage all of your businesses payroll needs.

Employer Liability Management – As I am sure you know; the human resources world is full of many complicated rules and regulations that require both time and concentration. This time could be better spent dedicating to the other needs of your business by allowing us to find a provider for you that can handle all of your compliance concerns.

Risk Management – We will help to connect you with PEO’s that will help you to manage government regulations as well as the many hazards and risks associated with workers compensation.

Workers Compensation – The cost of workers compensation is on the rise for many. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn how to reduce your liability and help to keep your business on track. Let us connect you with the right HR Company to help you to reduce claim numbers and costs associated with workers compensation.