The primary reason Companies outsource is to save money and free individuals to focus on other, more important tasks. Choosing NetPEO for your human resources needs may be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make.

Most PEO companies offer only a few employee leasing or payroll services to clients. NetPEO, though, offers services to meet all of your outsourcing needs. When you contact us to take advantage of any of the comprehensive services we provide, we will always conduct a needs assessment to best understand your current situation before we get started. Our services are also always free to you.

  • Brokerage Services
  • Employee Leasing Services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Employer Liability Management
  • Risk Management
  • Workers Compensation
No More Late Nights
No More Late NightsGet your evenings back with NetPEO
  • We have been a customer of NetPEO for many years and have always been highly satisfied with the services received. We are a small business and they have been able to exceed our HR outsourcing expectations. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for employee leasing. They are courteous and professional putting our needs first!

    Janet P. Custodial
  • If you are looking for a valuable partner that you can rely on then Net PEO is a great choice! Whenever I have insurance, payroll or workers compensation questions or need a reliable answer I can turn to them for all of my human resources needs. They let you know from the beginning they are there to help and on your side.

    Tracy H. Furniture Sales
  • I have been working with NetPEO for a little over a year now and can honestly say that whenever I have a question, they are right there to help me with all of my HR questions and concerns. They are an excellent PEO company and I highly recommend their services.

    Charlie J. Medical Office
  • With the use of NetPEO employee leasing services I have been able to provide my staff with the benefits that they need and deserve. We truly appreciate all of their hard work and support in regards to our payroll processing HR needs.

    Char T. Restaurant Franchise
  • My experience with the PEO services of NetPEO has been exceptional! They have provided me with quality human resource providers that have been able to provide mw with all of the HR services that I need ensuring that each and every one of my needs is met.

    Ken S. Auto Parts & Repair

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