Companies Eye Contingency Workers To Save Costs Due To Pandemic

A report released by Gartner indicates that in the wake of the COVID-19  pandemic, some 32% of organizations are currently planning to replace full-time employees with contingency workers as a means to cut costs. 

Gartner Vice-President Brian Kropp advised in a recent press release, “It’s critical for business leaders to understand that large-scale shifts are changing how people work and how business gets done,” he said. “HR leaders who respond effectively can ensure their organizations stand out from competitors.”

It’s estimated that almost half of today’s workforce will be doing their jobs remotely. HR Professionals can help their organizations reshift focus to be more responsive to both company goals and workers’ needs.  When asked, more than half of all workers said they would prefer to continue to work remotely rather than returning to an office setting. 

Gartner asserts that while there is a push for replacing some positions with interim gig workers, employers will still have to make inclusiveness and expanded work options.  For those permanent workers,  making it a key focus to allow workers a remote option is needed to stay agile in a post-pandemic world.