Employees Seek Further Feedback from Managers According to New Survey

One-on-one meetings between managers and team members are important in today’s workplace environment. Whether these meetings take place every few weeks or just twice a year, they provide an excellent way to touch base and to follow up on milestones or action points which were discussed in previous meetings.

According to an article appearing on the Personnel Today website, 84% of workers believe that one-on-one check-ins are beneficial to help them improve their skills and increase their chances of doing better on the job. Some workers, an estimated 26% feel that their managers could make one-on-ones more effective by following up on issues or action items.

The survey, commissioned by software provider Appraisd and conducted by OnePoll, was given to 1,000 workers within a variety of industries. The study found that 24% of workers wanted their managers or direct reports to conduct follow-up one-on-one meetings more often.

Personnel Today’s Ashley Webber interviewed Appraisd founder, Wally Walker, who believes that when managers fail to follow up on action items brought up during one-on-one check-ins, it tends to lessen the value of such meetings and can cause workers to become disillusioned and conclude that their professional development is not a priority within their organization.

“Employees want to know what their goals are, how well they are doing, and to have a manager who will do what they promise,” Walker said.

Walker suggests that just five or ten minutes of follow-up time can be especially beneficial and can potentially increase worker satisfaction and productivity on the job.