Employees Unaware of Cybersecurity Risks

Even with increasing focus on cybersecurity issues and with recent, high profile hacks that have made major headlines in the last few years, unfortunately, most workers are blissfully unaware of what their level of exposure is.  This can be dangerous when it comes to hackers and others gaining access to their sensitive healthcare data.

According to an article which appeared at Benefits Pro.com, a study was conducted by HIMSS Analytics and sponsored by Level 3 Communications, Inc. It revealed that almost 80% of those who responded to the survey said that employee security awareness is what most concerns them. Of the respondents, 85 % indicated that the currently have awareness programs in place to make employees aware indicate they have existing security awareness programs in place for their workers.

Among the concerns are those people and companies that have no problem in taking advantage of the ignorance of workers or their family members.  In addition, there are constant threats of hacking. Even medical devices can possibly be hacked, though that hasn’t happened yet.

There are also issues surrounding how to secure wireless or internet devices such as tablets, laptops and cellular devices.  Any internet ready device has the potential to wreak havoc on networks that don’t have adequate security measures in place.

Hospitals and health care facilities are also concerned that their networks be accessible at all times. Such facilities have a number of safety measures including increased cyber security to ward off potential IT threats from external hacking attempts.

Overall, both healthcare providers and HR departments that may have sensitive employee information on file are planning to take even more steps to make systems more secure against cyber threats such as hacking or DNS or denial of service attacks.

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