European Office Workers Expect They’ll Stay Home Until Summer

As this Pandemic stretches on, office workers around the world are settling into the remote-work lifestyle, leading many to not want to go back to the traditional workplace. Many companies and organizations are thinking along the same lines as they try to figure out how many offices they’ll need and how many days per week they’ll want office workers to physically go to work.

In a recent survey, office workers of the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy felt, on average, that they won’t be going back to the workplace full time until at least June.

Currently, UK workers are, on average, working the most days from home at 3.1 days per week. Perhaps because of this, workers in the UK hope to have the most work-from-home days per week after the pandemic, wanting, on average, 2.4 days.

It isn’t just workers that are thinking about remote work in the future. Many organizations are rethinking how they’ll organize their offices and how much they’ll expect their workforce to come in vs stay home and work remotely.

Salesforce, for example, a software company, is planning to keep around 65% of its employees on a remote-work schedule, in which they only come into the office once or twice a week.

Under such a system, offices may be redesigned to be collaborative areas, where productive meetings are held, after which workers can go home and complete the individual portion of their work remotely.