Give Talent Meaningful Work To Keep Them Around

The competition for top talent in today’s workforce is fierce. With low unemployment figures, workers today not only are able to pick and choose whom they want to work for, today they will think nothing of jumping ship if they feel there is a chance for better pay or advancement elsewhere.

According to an article appearing on the HR Dive website, companies who want to keep their star talent from leaving need to find out why they might want to leave and what can be done to entice them to stay.

According to Lauren Mason with Mercer’s Global Rewards Practice, top talent will leave their current organization if they don’t get, “…the kind of experience that motivates them, engages them and aligns their personal and professional aspirations.” Other deciding factors like boredom, a problematic or overbearing manager or not identifying with the organization’s vision or direction can also come into play.

Benefits and pay may also be a part of a star player wanting to leave, however, according to Denise Moulton, VP of talent and research at Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLC, workers want to have work that is meaningful, engages them and helps them to develop their talent. “Employees want a career path and need to understand what success looks like today and in the future.”

Industry experts suggest that in order to keep the best workers from looking elsewhere is to engage those workers and discuss their ambitions and potential growth within the organization. Discuss ways in which they can get ahead as well as offering them new and interesting opportunities to showcase their talents and exercise more responsibility within the company. Also, be sure to reward and recognize these individuals for a job well done so that they know they are appreciated and valued within the organization.