H1B Visa Restrictions Are Concern For American Jobs

At a time when filling open positions and hiring top talent has proved problematic for many companies, the Trump administration announced more significant restrictions on a number of work-visa programs within the US. The most detrimental restriction on organizations having to look overseas for top talent is the suspension of the H1B visas.

According to a recent article appearing on the Business Insider website, the suspension of H1B visas covers highly skilled technology workers who the tech industry in the US is most reliant upon.  

The administration’s reasoning behind the suspension is because of the high rate of unemployment in the US. The suspension would preserve jobs for American workers rather than letting green card holders from overseas take them instead. This latest push to limit overseas workers is the exact opposite in terms of job creation.  In a recent study conducted by the Partnership for A New American Economy, each H1B Visa creates between 2 and 5 additional jobs for Americans. 

Making it more difficult for highly-skilled foreign workers to come to the US is a cause of concern for many US companies, particularly in the fields of technology and research.  Approximately 30% of the current US technology, science, and medical workers were born overseas.  Whether here temporarily or seeking to immigrate, these workers help create more jobs and grow the US economy.

By limiting opportunities for those workers in this country, the Trump administration is forcing these skilled workers and their families to look elsewhere for economic opportunity, causing further detriment to the US economy.