HR Tech Spending Continues To Rise

Human resource professionals across the industry have begun to realize that they either need to adapt to the technological advances that big data has brought to the table or be left behind.   Those who work in the field of HR need to learn both the skillset and take advantage of the changes in technology that will allow them to do their job more efficiently.

According to an article appearing on the IT Proportal website, new technologies and software are allowing HR professionals to automate tasks that traditionally would have been performed manually.  According to the 2019 HR Technology Market Report, organizations have increased their spending in HR technologies by 29%. This has increased AI and Big Data solutions in the realm of human resource management by more than 10%.  

Some of the game changers within today’s workforce come from organizations that have increased their reliance on gig workers and how to manage personnel from a wide variety of locations and skillsets. In short, HR professionals who are trained in how to manage the technological advances within their industry will do better than those who aren’t prepared.  

Today’s HR professionals need to be able to consolidate more information more efficiently to keep up with the technological advances that are taking place across almost every area of today’s workforce. 

Early adopters of the new HR technologies have been able to shift their focus away from labor-intensive tasks to more effectively engaging current employees, offering feedback and training to workers to help them keep up with technological changes, and attracting and retaining top talent within their organizations.