Integrating Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Mobile is here to stay in terms of how we use them both in personal time and at work. According to a report by ComScore, the time spent on mobile or smart phone apps represents 65% of time spent on digital technology.

We as a culture are not ready to completely ditch our desktop computers; they are quickly becoming a secondary consideration in favor of our mobile devices. Today’s employers are now working to find ways to integrate mobile apps and technology into Human Resources and work processes throughout their organizations.

In the not-so-recent past, employers wanted to curb the amount of time that employees were spending on their person al digital devices, viewing them as a distraction and a major culprit in the loss of productivity. Smart companies have now re-examined this idea and are looking to ways to integrate mobile apps that their employees have and being able to be more productive. This change in attitude may allow some of them to out maneuver the competition.

Many of these companies have come to realize that mobile can be the best way to keep workers engaged and most effectively communicate with them. Texting is being used along with internal applications that can help workers stay in the loop and in communication and increases their engagement.

Just like the adoption of any new HR technology, turning to mobile as a primary communication and employee engagement strategy in the workplace has brought about a new set of challenges. Change management must scale, and for true acceptance of mobile communication to occur, we must get the buy-in of the individual employee.

Of course, it can take time in order for management to be convinced of letting mobile take more of a role within their organizations. Some companies have developed internal applications for workers to use on their phones that can be used for HR processes and can help team managers get all members of the team on the same page and collaborating more easily and in real time.

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The use of mobile technology and mobile apps has become more and more a part of our lives over the past few years. Today many HR professionals are making use of these apps within their departments and throughout the organizations that they work for.  These apps can provide valuable tools to help make companies and the people who work for them more cohesive and more competitive in today’s ever-changing market.

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