What You Need To Know About the Taylor Review

Workers in the Eurozone and in the UK are grappling with several legislative challenges. As the result of HR professionals have plenty to be on the lookout for in 2018.

While Brexit will not complete until 2019, UK companies can probably take for granted that the Government will not likely try to undo any rights that were gained from having been a part of the EU. There are other matters, however, that are more than likely going to affect workers, HR managers, and the organizations that they work for in 2018. Among these are:

  • The Framework For Modern Employmen released a report compiled by the Work and Pensions and BEIS committees in November of 2017 where it recommends the implementation of many of the Taylor Review recommendations released in July.

    These recommendations include workers receiving a written statement of terms and conditions of their employment as well as the introduction of guidelines for collective bargaining proceedings for status, wages and work times. Workers will also be able to request to negotiate regarding any business decisions that can potentially affect them if there is not already a union in place to represent their gender identity. This recommendation was designed to include those who were previously excluded from the definitions that had been laid out in the 2010 Equality Act regarding intersex workers or those who now are a part of what is more of an inclusive definition of the term trans or transgender.
  • Dress codes in the workplace will probably also be under further scrutiny in 2018. The Women and Equalities Committee has recommended that the law be changed after an incident whereby a receptionist was dismissed from her job because she wore shoes that were too low. In spite of this recommendation, the Government  is expected to issue guidelines regarding what is acceptable for employers to demand of workers rather than making any actual changes to the current law.  

Undoubtedly, any predictions for 2018 must address many of the uncertainties regarding Brexit as well as its impact on employment rights and how the European Court of Justice may continue to influence existing laws within the UK. These are just a few of the highlights that are likely to be faced by HR professionals in the United Kingdom. In the coming months, however, it is almost a certainty that there will others that will surface and need to be addressed.

No matter where your organization’s operations are based or the kinds of changes that are coming through domestic or international government and legislation, your company needs to be stay informed. At NetPEO, we make it our business to know employment law so that you are ready and compliant before such changes take effect. We will be there to help explain it to you and to help your organization and workers ready for those changes. NetPEO will be there. Contact us today at 888-981-3622 and find out how we can help.