Pittsburg, Kansas Approves Ordinance To Become More Inclusive

As companies and corporations across the country, and around the world, worked to set up human resources regulations to become more inclusive, local governments also fight in the ongoing war against discrimination by passing laws and ordinances to make their regions more inclusive.

According to this KSN report, that’s exactly what is happening in Pittsburg, Kansas. This Southeast Kansas town is working to become more inclusive by approving an updated nondiscrimination ordinance. According to the Pittsburg City Commission, this ordinance was designed to add gender identity and sexual orientation protection to the nondiscrimination ordinance that was already in effect in the city.

The goal was to make a more welcoming environment in the City of Pittsburg. This ordinance prohibits discrimination in places of employment, housing, and public accommodation. As for locals that are curious or concerned about this new change, the city is working to set up a link on their website to provide federal and state resources. There will also be a place for visitors to the city’s official website where they can provide feedback or post any concerns of their own.

It is good to see progress in this human-resources issue being handled at the local, state, and federal level, as well as privately within company structures and policies. It should be the goal of any company or city to, as Pittsburg aims to do, provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.