Questions HR Needs to Ask IT

In February, we reported to be on the lookout for W2 scams during tax season. From the end of the calendar year to the tax deadline in mid-April is the prime time for hackers and information thieves to attempt to get their hands on the personal information of your employees in order to file fraudulent returns.

Every HR professional would like to assume that the HR data that is held on their company’s servers and networks or in the cloud is safe and secure. While it’s tempting to take it for granted that private networks have adequate levels of security, with the increasing incidences of high-level companies that have been hacked and millions of users private information put at risk, making certain that is safe is top priority.

In a recent article at the that talked about this issue, what HR professionals need to ask their IT management teams questions about the security of HR data. Here are some points to consider:

  • Does anyone on the IT team really know how a hacker thinks? If there is an active hack going on – would they be able to ward off such an attack?
  • Are sensitive files encrypted? What types of encryption are used? How often are passwords changed? Is two-factor authentication used in addition to passwords?
  • Does your IT team know what comes next in the legal process? What would happen after a successful hack involving ransomware?
  • If your company is hacked, who is alerted? Is there someone on the IT team who is on call at all times?
  • How does the company back up and restore information in the case of a hack or system failure?
  • How long will restoration of vital company systems and information likely to take in the case of a disaster such as a fire or flood?

You need to know that your precious employee data is completely safeguarded. A PEO company can help ensure that all of your sensitive information is safe and yet accessible for when you need it. At NetPEO, we can assist you and your workers feel more secure regarding their personal information.

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