Retaining Talent by Addressing Worker Needs

Worker retention, even in a tough job market, can be a challenge to many employers. 1 out of every 5 employees is determined to find a new job in the coming year. According to a recent article at, some turnover could be addressed by offering employee benefits packages that address what it is that workers want and need.

Getting to the heart of what those wants and needs among employees are means that companies have to take the time and do some research. That means doing it the old fashioned way – by looking at what they currently have versus what employees are looking for. That means actually asking workers what could make benefits offering better.

Today, many employees either through their own awareness or by company instituted wellness plans want something that is applicable to them. Companies need to ask themselves what are health issues that their workers complain about or suffer from the most? If work related injuries to their bodies, be it back pain or repetitive stress injuries, otherwise known as carpal tunnel syndrome are issues, how can employers help address these problems before the option of needing surgery? Could physical therapy, chiropractic or other alternative avenues of health care and maintenance address these issues in a way that costs both the employee and the companies that they work for less in terms of money? Some employers are including these choices within their wellness and benefits packages.

Part of the process of getting a more robust and comprehensive benefits package is to Plan, Do and Review

Planning: Assessing employee needs is key to offering comprehensive benefit packages. Check into whether your workers are doing a great deal of heavy lifting, or are they mostly in a position that is inside and at a desk? Take a good look at what workers cite in workman’s compensation claims and consider what might help reduce those claims.

Look at the effects of the ACA on Your Company: Obamacare has caused its fair share of confusion and frustration. Take a good look at how forms such as the 1095-C and the management of your company’s current benefits packages are managed. Keep in contact with your benefits advisers on a regular basis to make sure you are in compliance with the ACA to ensure you are on track.

Doing: Communication is key to offering benefits packages that your employees may consider staying for. Open enrollment and dealing with benefits packages in general is a mostly unpleasant task for everyone. Human resources can go a long way by keeping the lines of communications open with benefits packages. Does your company offer assistance in helping workers determine what might be the best option for their own personal needs? Coverage on such things as dental, vision and other issues are just as important to them as medical benefits and prescription costs. For some of your employees, things such as child and elder care or accidental death are real considerations. Find out what they need.

A Healthy Workforce Does Not Occur in a Vacuum: Get your workers interested and motivated by focusing on wellness. Consider hosting motivational speakers, or a health and wellness fair that features recipes, tips and encourages employees to become more health conscious and focused on wellness. Use such opportunities to further listen to the needs of workers in improving programs that are presently in place.

Consider Workplace Ergonomics: Consider updating the furniture in the office. Nearly everyone loves getting a new chair or desk. Such improvements in the environment that workers spend most of their waking hours can improve their morale and make them more productive overall.

ROI vs. VOI: Many company executives want to see that the money they invest in benefits will give them a tangible ROI or return on investment. Perhaps the better way to look at it is to consider VOI or value on investment. If your workers are not showing up for work, or there are less claims being filed for workman’s compensation, or overall claims due to chronic illnesses of individual workers, then the money spent on such programs is money well spent.

At NetPEO, we focus on helping companies determine the kinds of benefits packages are best for their organizations and the employees who work for them. We take great pride in being available for and listening to the needs of our clients. Even with all of the confusion that surrounds compliance with the Affordable Care Act, we can help you navigate such challenges successfully.

NetPEO understands about addressing your employees’ needs to help you attract and retain them as well as keeping a watchful eye to concerns regarding your company’s bottom line. Contact us today to discuss your concerns regarding employee benefits and health care and learn of the options that are available.