Study Finds That Most US Firms Merely ‘Go Through the Motions’ on Inclusion

Words like ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ are central to the vision and mission of many major companies in the US. But to simply use the words is one thing, while actually making a difference in the area of inclusion is a completely different matter.

A new study shows that the training and initiatives many US firms are rolling out have little impact when it comes to diversity outcomes in the workforce, according to this article from Personnel Today. That same report claims that 80% of companies “are just going through the motions and not holding themselves accountable.”

Josh Bersin is the one that made the report on these US companies, and this study showed that 76% of companies had no diversity or inclusion goals of any nature. The study also stated that, in the US, “black and minority Americans are at their lowest level of equity since the 1970s.”

Diversity doesn’t necessarily start at the HR level, because those that are higher up set the tone for an entire organization, but human resources can often do much to move the needle on inclusion in the workplace.

Talk with the women and BIPOC people in your workplace and ask them about if they feel included in the workplace. Ask them what they would like to see.