Watch For More Digital Disruption In HR In 2019

In a recent story appearing on the CPA Practice Advisor website, Jim Link, chief human resources officer for Randstad North America offers advice for HR professionals in 2019. “HR strategies won’t be effective if they don’t evolve,” he said.  Link went on to explain that in order to attract the best and most talented candidates to a company, HR needs to anticipate each decision and be prepared for digital disruption to be a constant.

Other changes to expect in the upcoming year are is a far more inclusive workforce and greater flexibility in where and how work gets done.  Because change is a constant and keeping skills up in order to meet the current challenges, the expectation will be for training to happen anytime and anywhere.  AI will continue to figure increasingly in the picture to do more functions that HR professionals found to be labor intensive in recent years.

Employee review processes are also evolving so that they become continuous rather than something that happens twice year. Constant feedback gives employees a greater opportunity for growth and upward mobility.  For hiring decisions, companies will need to focus on the candidates that are both the highest quality candidates and in line with the company culture.

Employers must also be aware that in order to retain the top talent that they manage to attract, they’ll also need to offer rewards and incentives in 2019 and beyond.