AirAsia Shows How to Develop Talent in Your Company

Today’s constantly changing marketplace has many employers asking themselves how they can change to best suit their customers while also creating an environment where workers feel personally vested and involved. It has been proved that the best places to work are those where workers feel personally involved in the overall success of the company.

In a recent article that appeared on Human Resources Online, companies like AirAsia are now introducing programs that help them create a community that helps develop talent to be its leaders in the future. AirAsia employees, referred to by its management as ‘AllStars’, emphasizes the idea that the company would not be where it is today in the highly competitive airline marketplace without them. Armed with the motto, “OneAirAsia”, Faz Kamaruddin, group head of talent at AirAsia, believes that letting their AllStars share their knowledge of their industry and culture through their #TalentConnect initiative is an ideal way to get involve and to shine.

The #TalentConnect initiative allows workers to share their experiences and knowledge when visiting universities and business schools such as the Melbourne Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, the EDHEC Business School & Embassy of France, and Malaysia Maritime Academy. The company’s initiative is ideal for recruiting young talent and in showcasing AirAsia a company well worth considering becoming a part of.

Another way that the #TalentConnect initiative works is in letting workers show others in the organization their experiences to show what works and what doesn’t and network ideas on how they can make it better for guests and the company.

“Getting AllStars involved in social learning events connects them with each other across divisions, building a strong community of top talent,” Faz said. “Recognising high performers and identifying high potentials are key priorities in AirAsia. Creating a safe space for AllStars to connect with new ideas and networks is one of the ways to make learning more social.”

If one thing could be cited as a direct contributor or key to the success of AirAsia, it would have to be communication. Faz believes that involving workers in the planning stages at the company with AllStars, who are direct stakeholders in the success of AirAsia, helps the company to overcome hurdles. Even though the initiative is still fairly new, Faz believes that the goal of creating strong mentors and leaders will encourage interaction within the company and help bring in the best in people and their teams.

At NetPEO HR, we understand how important it is to create an atmosphere that encourages communication between workers and management and the customers that you serve. Workers tend to stay where they believe they and their talents are valued and where they feel that they are making a difference. We want to not only help you to find the best people to fill your open positions, but we also want to help you create the kind of environment that attracts and retains your top talent.

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