Showing Appreciation To Your Employees

Every employee has undergone tremendous sacrifices due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those of us who manage employees need to show our appreciation for them. It’s not just a kind thing to do. According to Forbes, businesses are relying heavily on employee loyalty to stay afloat during this time. Here are some suggestions they have made to increase employee recognition and reward that loyalty.


One thing that the pandemic brought is greater separation between workers. It’s really hard to get a sense of how the business is working when you can’t talk with your coworkers and read the air in the office. Upper management should be transparent about the health of the business. It removes that sense of the unknown and helps employees know how their efforts matter to the health of the overall business. Even a negative report about the health of the business is better than not knowing at all.


On the flip side, management needs to really listen to employee needs and to reward them with the things that are important to them. Companies that listen and respond to employee needs feel like that management cares about their future growth with the company.

Prevent Burnout

Employee burnout must be dealt with in advance before it becomes a huge problem. Consider giving extra vacation days and that they have what they need to prevent it. This could be raising pay, adding more employees, or investing in a new tool that will lighten the workload.

There are many other good suggestions in the full article. If you’ve been wondering how to reward your post-pandemic employees, the full list of 15 should give you plenty of inspiration!