Beach Businesses in Alabama Desperate to Hire Workers Ahead of Spring Break

Spring is in the air already, or at least we’d like to think it is. Thinking about warmer weather, more sun, and possibility of traveling for the first time in a year because of the hoped-for, soon-to-come end of this pandemic makes a lot of people think about going to the beach.

Speaking of going to the beach, local businesses in Baldwin County, Alabama are looking forward to the upcoming Spring Break season for that very reason. Between the ongoing pandemic and the recent hurricane to hit the area, business owners need some packed beaches this spring to get their budgets back on track. But expecting all that increased business also means having to prepare in other ways. As a result, local beach businesses are desperately looking to hire new employees before Spring Break season begins, according to this report from NBC Channel 15.

A job fair was held in an open football field at Gulf Shores High School last Friday. It’s a marriage of two ideally matched groups of people: employers that need extra workers for the next few months and teenagers wanting to make some extra spending cash.

Another viable option for many employers is to integrate HR outsourcing services into their organization. Experienced professionals equipped with an arsenal of the latest strategies and tools to attract new hires are ready to face this new challenge.

Many of the high school students realize they will be on the front lines of many of the local tourist-focused businesses in the community. The owners of some businesses are looking to more than double their employee count. One Human Resources member at a local organization admits they are looking to go from 600 to more than 1,500 employees for the busy season. Understandably, they started their hiring efforts back in December.