Colorado Requires Remote Job Postings To Add Salary Information

After a news investigation, the Colorado Department of Labor issued a warning to remote companies advertising jobs in Colorado. 9 News reports.

Colorado has a law called the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. One part of this law states that if just one person lives in Colorado and works for a company at the time of a job posting, they must post a salary range.

Some remote companies were trying to get around this requirement by telling applications they could not apply if they lived in Colorado. The CDLE told those companies that they do not get a wavier.

“A Colorado employer posting a job that could be done anywhere is not beyond the reach of state law. There’s a company with a Colorado presence for work that can be done anywhere. An employer can have whatever preferences it wants, but the law still applies,” stated the director of the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics at CDLE.

The law went fully into effect this year and mandates reasonable salary brackets in all job positions. 9 News did an investigation in May that found at least 10 companies that did not include a salary range and tried to get out of it by saying no Colorado applicants could apply.