Recruiters Leaning on Social Media for Interviews and Job Notifications

The use of social media and video has inserted itself into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Now in the realm of human resources and recruiting, workers are expecting it will play an even bigger role than ever.

HR Dive recently reported that according to a study conducted by Monster for their State of the Candidate Report that the majority of workers fully expect that video will play a significant role in the area of recruiting. Nearly 75 – 80 percent of those participating in the study said that they expected to at least have video calls with human resources or hiring managers as part of their job candidacy and expected the use of video to alert potential job candidates on social media.

Among younger workers who participated in the Monster study felt that they expected and wanted to see videos of recruiters talking about available positions to help them better understand and manage expectations between employers and themselves.

HR Dive’s Valerie Bolden-Barrett reminds readers that if they want to attract top talent to their organizations, the old way of doing things aren’t working anymore. Through the use of the tool of video as a recruiting tool and working through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well as LinkedIn. Companies of all sizes have gotten the message and are prepared to invest time and money into utilizing the power of video, interactive marketing, and search engine management or SEM.