Few Companies Are Scaling Their People Analytics Like They Could

An article appearing on the NAPEO website reports that in the most recent survey conducted for Bersin’s High-Impact People Analytics study, it is estimated that 85% of those companies participating in the survey have developed their People Analytics (PA) beyond the most basic levels. However, nearly 70% of companies overall haven’t scaled the capability that their PA data across their company or even within their entire HR department.

In order to move the function of PA out of strictly being within the realm of the HR department and better integrate it into the rest of the company, the article suggests creating a data-driven, decision making culture from the C-Suite on down. That means rather than using data to simply justify decisions regarding personnel after the fact, it should be broadened out to make the best decisions from within. By integrating HR tools and concepts across the entire business, all hiring, onboarding or training interactions can be made available at all levels.

This can be achieved through an automated app that is integrated within the HR databases in the same way that Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited did recently. The dashboard on the app will record all interactions between employees, managers, candidates, and within the company without necessarily having to run without involving HR. The company reports that by using the dashboard, they have been able to reduce the amount of time needed for decisions from a period of weeks or even months down to one or two days at the maximum. The company reports that it has proved to offer a seamless and more positive experience for managers, executives, as well as existing and new employees.