Do’s And Don’ts For Gift Exchanges At The Office

The holiday season is the time of gift-giving, not only among family and friends but also in the workplace as well. 

According to an article appearing on the Gloucester Times website, knowing what is appropriate to give can be more of a challenge at the office than it is to buy for those closest to you. 

Before organizing a gift exchange or purchasing a gift for a supervisor, subordinate, or teammates, it’s advisable to check with human resources first. Some companies have guidelines as to the types of gifts that are appropriate, limit gift-giving to pre-paid gift cards or prohibit such gift exchanges completely. 

Industry experts advise that when it comes to workplace gift-giving, simple is always best.  A gift card or pre-paid debit card that the recipient can use at a favorite retailer or anywhere is almost always appropriate between workers.

 If holiday gift exchanges are within the company’s rules, supervisors should decide what amount to set the value of the gift. It’s essential to bear in mind that not everyone’s financial situation is the same, even within the equal company or department.  For those workers who might have a tight budget and purchasing a gift for another person might be a stretch. Whether it’s a situation involving the purchase of a gift for a supervisor or where the supervisor is purchasing for subordinates, try to keep the amount of the gift as affordable as possible so that everyone can feel comfortable and participate.