FBI Issues Warning about Dangerous Ransomware Variant that Steals Data

When data gets compromised in the workplace, the entire company needs to get involved to solve the problem. Cyberattacks aren’t just an IT problem, but also an HR problem, especially if personnel data gets stolen.

The FBI has issued a new warning about a kind of ransomware that’s especially dangerous to private companies. The Egregore ransomware has some unique features that HR companies should be aware of.

Most ransomware secretly encrypts a device then prevents access to the data unless the victim pays the criminal, but Egregor also makes a copy of all the data on the device before encrypting and sends it to the attacker. This adds more leverage if they manage to get sensitive data because they can threaten to reveal or sell what they’ve obtained.

About 150 corporate networks worldwide have had Egregore attacks and ransom demands have reached upwards of $4M. Furthermore, unlike previous systems, it is possible for criminals to affiliate with one another using Egregore and split the ransoms.

Like many ransomware attacks, criminals gain access to systems through tricking people into letting them into their systems. The route that’s most under HR control is teaching employees about phishing emails, which are emails that are designed to look like legitimate and convince someone to download a file or click a link.

For more details, check out the full warning at the link above.