Full-Time HR Employees To Decline

According to a recent article that appeared at Employee Benefit Advisor’s website, the number of full-time HR employees is expected to decline by 1.4% 2017.  This comes after a decline in 2016 of 1.3%.

This is one of the challenges that leave HR professionals behind the curve in keeping up with the demands of today’s workplace.  Among these other challenges are decreasing budgets. Of the 180 HR executives interviewed by the consulting firm, The Hackett Group, while they may have ambitions of keeping up with the constantly changing marketplace and keeping top talent adaptable for the demands that have reached across every industry.

Even though several of the executives surveyed said that they planned to address shortfalls of being able to keep up, some feel stuck. Even the executives rated themselves low in being able to keep up with the key initiatives of their respective companies.  Needing to constantly address demands such as dealing with organizational changes, having more agile executives and being able to keep up with the demand of the changing marketplace requires money.  Many new HR programs exist to help automate a number of the day to day tasks, but this takes money – and with shrinking budgets, it’s a bit of a Catch-22.

For HR professionals to be able to deliver value for their companies,  Harry Osle, global HR practice leader for the Hackett Group says that they must change the mindset that they have too much on their plate. Osle insists that it is important for them to, “find ways to more effectively manage and prioritize its service portfolio, adopt proactive demand management techniques from IT and make headway on transformation and improvements in key talent areas.”

That may be easier said than done with budgets that are expected overall to decrease by an average of 1.6% in 2017, it leaves them scrambling to catch up.

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