Gig Economy Expanding To High-Level Workers

Employers who have been struggling to find highly-skilled talent to fill open positions within their organizations are turning to the gig economy to fill them.

According to an article by Riaa O’Donnell appearing on the HR Dive website, HR managers and executives who are struggling to fill key positions are looking at the gig economy to find high-level workers who can help them to launch, manage and complete projects.

A spokesperson for Business Talent Group  (BTG) says that among the skills that are in the most demand by companies of all sizes are in project management, product development, and launch, strategic planning, market landscape, growth strategy, change management, supply chain, market access, technology, and systems implementation.    

BTG has shown in their recently released 2019 Skills Index that there has been growth in demand by as much as 750% for skills like marketing communications and are searching for freelancers who can fill a wider variety of roles than workers in permanent positions within their own companies. 

In a report issued by SAP Fieldglass, executives participating in the study indicate that 44% of workforce expenditures are being spent on external employees.  Of those participating in the study, 68% indicated that remote or external workers are important or very important for the development or improvement of products and services.