Most Disliked Trait In A Boss: Micromanagement

No one likes to work for a bad boss, and yet nearly every person has at one time or another worked for a manager or business owner who was difficult to work with. It isn’t just a clash in personalities that is the problem. A bad boss can really diminish worker morale and productivity and can ultimately hurt the business.

According to an article appearing on the Human Resources Online website, a recent survey conducted by Comparably of 2000 workers from both private and public sectors found that the most often disliked trait in managers was that of micro-management (39%)

Additional traits that made managers disliked by workers included those who were overly critical (22%), disorganized (16%) or know-it-alls (14%).  Another 9% of workers who participated in the survey indicated a dislike of managers who were impatient.

Surveyors at Comparably also kept in mind the differences in answer according to factors such as gender, position, time on the job and role within the company. For example, women most often cited that the most disliked trait in a boss as being overly critical, whereas men who participated in the survey most often responded that they did not like a boss who was disorganized or a know-it-all. A boss who micromanaged his subordinates was the most universally disliked across every spectrum of workers who participated in the survey.