Highest Concerns of HR in 2018

Soon it will be a New Year and HR professionals were recently surveyed by XpertHR, a provider of legal information for employers. According to a recent article appearing on Staffing Industry Analyst’s website, the issues of workplace violence, data breaches, sexual harassment, and marijuana ranked to cause the most concern.

XpertHR based their findings according to a survey conducted in October of 2017 of 1,000 HR professionals from small, medium and large employers across the United States. Among the biggest areas of concern that are expected to provide the most challenge are:

Violence in the Workplace – Because of the current divisive political climate based on a number of politically charged issues and a marked increase in mass shootings and acts of domestic terrorism, keeping workers safe from potential acts of violence in the workplace is of primary concern. In the survey, XpertHR found that 45% of those participating in their survey indicated that preventing, preparing for and responding to an active shooter is very challenging.

A number of celebrities at the highest levels, as well as chief executives in a number of industries and members of Congress, have recently faced allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Because of the #MeToo movement and increased scrutiny in the media, this issue has come to the forefront of concerns for HR professionals. Many companies are beginning to adopt zero tolerance policies in order to protect their employees and their reputations in the marketplace.


Data Breeches – Another issue that has reached epic proportions is the number of companies and organizations who have had their data systems breached. It only takes one security mistake on a company network and tragedy can strike. Anthem, Equifax, and other organizations have had the records of millions of employees and/or customers fall into the hands of hackers and increased the chances of more people falling victim to identity theft. Of those participating in the survey, 64% of the participants indicated they were concerned about issues of identity theft and how to handle it if it happens.

Sexual Harassment, Assault & Workplace Discrimination – Additional concerns that HR professionals and their companies currently face is how to manage policies surrounding drug testing. Now that many states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana between 32 and 35 percent of the survey’s respondents were concerned as to how it would be able to manage those who use medical marijuana and if substance abuse in the workplace would provide additional challenges when trying to navigate this still-thorny issue.


Also, because of increased changes in the world of work and how changes in technology and a marked increase in the gig economy, many organizations are concerned as to how these factors will affect their workers and their bottom lines. The current policies under the Trump Administration regarding immigration and the travel bans which were given a final nod by the Supreme Court of the United States have made it more difficult for companies to hire from an international pool of talent.

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