Standing Out With Good Perks

Your company wants to hire top talent to fill out your ranks. In order to do this effectively, however, you need to make what your organization is offering stands out from the crowd.

In an article appearing on the website, Lauren Dixon points out a number of ways that companies can effectively do just that.

Offering the Extras – One of the best ways to attract talented people is through what are considered voluntary benefits. Corporate advisory company Willis Towers Watson says that U.S. employers both large and small consider voluntary benefits as being a key component of what they offer their employees. Among these are supplementary health benefits, retirement options, and educational benefits for workers and their families, identity theft protection and even pet insurance.

Promoting these types of extra ‘perks’ as well as an organization’s culture can attract talented and even entrepreneurial candidates who can be instrumental in driving an organization forward in terms of competition and innovation.

Parental Leave – For young workers, particularly those who may be considering starting a family of their own, just having the option of paid parental leave can make a difference in what company that worker chooses in today’s competitive search for talent. According to William Schiemann, principal and CEO of Metrus Group Inc., advises companies to consider the tradeoffs of not offering benefits such as parental leave rather than dismissing the idea as being ‘too expensive’. It may be even more costly in terms of turnover not to offer such a benefit.

Company Culture –The underlying culture can also be a great attractor or deterrent in getting top talent to come onboard. Small companies can often offer as much in terms of salary as larger corporations but can offer a more personal and passionate experience among its employees. Workers want opportunities to pursue their personal career aspirations and goals as well as those of the company. The chances of promotions over a shorter period of time is often greater at smaller organizations and can be far more rewarding in the long run.

Presenting Perks – To get workers to take advantage of benefits offered, make sure that you make them aware it. Making it a part of the interview, the onboarding process or promoting them on the company website or newsletter can effectively communicate to workers what voluntary benefits are available to them.