HR Tools May Make The Difference In Attracting Talent

Companies who are more comfortable spending resources on new HR recruiting tools may find themselves ahead of the curve when it comes to employing top performers for their organizations.

According to a recent article appearing on the Benefits News website, the occupants of the C-suites of most major employers and professionals believe that technology is key to attracting engaging and retaining workers today.  

A recent survey interviewed key HR leaders and those who make hiring decisions. Of the 2500 participants for the survey, an astounding 92% felt that, in a workplace that is desperate for top performers, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological advances were of vital importance and were willing to spend the money investing in those technologies.  This is significantly up from the numbers gathered in 2016 where at 79%.

AI, big data and machine learning can go a long way in helping HR professionals and departments to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds and to reduce hiring biases. It may be impossible to eliminate bias completely from the hiring process. Jason Roberts, head of talent analytics and technology at Randstad asserts, however, that the technology can address the issue and lessen the potential of specific biases in their workforce.

Organizations which are willing to make a significant investment in these kinds of HR tools will be the ones that are more likely to attract and retain much needed human talent.