Are you Making these HR Mistakes?

Being a part of an up-and-coming and dynamic company can be exciting. Watching growth go from single to double to triple digits in a relatively short space of time, however, can create a unique set of problems.

HR management can play a pivotal role in not only ramping up the human capital within but to make sure that the right people are hired for the job. There are the added responsibilities of ensuring that the company’s core values, culture, and understanding of the industry are adhered to.

Not to do these things can spell trouble or ruin of a business unless HR does the important job of making the right human capital investments and does it the right way.

In a recent article by Phillip Levinson for Business Insider, there are three major areas that HR professionals can fail in their role.

It starts with values-driven recruiting. Everybody knows that great recruiting is essential to every company’s success. When HR professionals are able to accurately articulate the company’s stated values and purpose and communicate that to potential new hires, it can make all the difference in their overall success.

It’s also important for any company not to confuse organizational culture with the benefits or perks that are being offered. Company culture has to do with the shared beliefs and values of the company and its management.  According to SHRM,

“Simply speaking, a company’s structure and design can be viewed as its body, and its culture as its soul.”

You can check out more of the article on the three potential pitfalls tech companies and other types of organizations need to avoid.

Preserving the culture and vision of your company and instilling that in your new hires is important. Have you articulated that vision and commitment to your current as well as future employees? Happy workers and management with a clear vision and being a part of a purpose-driven organization can mean all the difference in your continued success. At NetPEO, we are there to help you do this by offering a wide range of services that cover important aspects of human resources management such as payroll services, managing employee benefits, liability management for employers, brokerage services, and employee leasing.

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