PEOs and the Gig Economy

There is absolutely no doubt that today’s so-called “gig economy” has created a series of challenges for HR professionals.  With this newer style employment option comes additional paperwork, stricter compliances from both state and federal regulators, and a constant turnover of temp workers.  For some companies, using a PEO or professional employer organization can help them deal with the added challenges far easier than they might be able to through their own traditional human resources department.

This change in the world of work comes not only because companies want to avoid higher headcounts and liabilities or offering benefits as they did traditionally, but because workers also want more flexibility and the gig economy allows them to meet those needs.

In a recent article at, the gig economy continues to grow bigger every day. In 2015, an estimated  35% of the overall workforce consisted of non-traditional or non-employee workers.   PEO companies are uniquely positioned to help companies deal with these types of workers. These third party services make it possible to outsource tasks through third parties such as IT, payroll, creative and other departments without  adding greater costs to their clients which are often smaller to mid-sized companies.

PEO companies not only help companies manage  workloads of current employees for these companies and manage their payroll, but they are also able to assist in risk management and ensuring that their clients meet compliance such as the Affordable Care Act or ACA and to help them to address the new rules for salaried employees and overtime as required under new federal regulations.

At NetPEO, we can help you with our full range of services which include payroll, management of employee benefits and liability management. We also offer brokerage services and employee leasing services in order to address your organization’s permanent or temporary personnel needs.

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