PEOs are Great for Scaling Startups

When you’re a startup business, chances are you have a very small number of employees. If, for example, you started out as four people in a basement or a garage, chances are that everyone in your startup organization wore multiple hats and were called upon to multitask. Many startups find that in order to break out, it is the flexibility of smallness that is partially credited with their success. An article on talks about how a PEO company can help startups get an HR team rolling.

As the workload gets heavier it can become nearly impossible for that same small number of employees to keep up. When your business grows, so do the demands of your customers. The need for hiring new workers to help meet those expectations becomes too important to ignore.

Having Human Resource professionals in place to assist with the issues surrounding scaling may be in order. An HR department can help a fledgling company that is starting to take off address such issues as putting out the word for new hires as well as the screening, interviewing and onboarding.  They can also help deal with issues such as benefits packages, the interviewing and review process and helping apply company policies as an organization grows larger.

Here are ways that you can help your HR department or PEO organization best meet the needs of startups starting to feel the effects of growing into larger organizations:

  • Make a list of the current employees that you have and determine what they are currently doing. Ask them and yourself what tasks could be more efficiently performed if there was another person to take them over.
  • Determine what your needs are in terms of needing more people for your organization to meet the growth of your company. Discuss these needs with your HR department or PEO company so that they can better help you address those needs so you can concentrate on the business.
  • Make regular assessments of your staff, both those who were there at the beginning and those who you have ramped up into your organization. Make assessment on the technical, interpersonal and leadership qualities of each person to ensure that they are still a good fit for your company. This along with determining the career goals of your employees can go a long way in making sure both you and your workers are on the same page.
  • If you find that things change and you have to scale back or if someone is not meeting expectations, the best bet is to be honest about it – even if that means making hard choices. The key is communication on the part of both employers and workers to help move your organization forward.

A PEO organization can help your small to mid-sized company determine what your human resource needs are.   At Net PEO, we will be there to help you with every aspect of managing the workers within your organization. We offer employee leasing services, HR outsourcing, payroll and benefits management and with our alliance partners can address all of your human resource needs. To see how NetPEO can help you and your company, contact us today and get guaranteed results.