Substitute Teachers Needed Across the Country, Causing Unique HR Challenge

Human Resources departments in companies and organizations large and small have to deal with a constant flow of unique challenges. These may include periods of intense hiring when many workers are needed at the same time. At other times, the challenge is more internal, dealing with the needs and problems of the already-existing workforce within the organization.

Schools across the country are currently facing a desperate need for substitute teachers. As the pandemic rolls on, schools struggle to remain open in many districts throughout the U.S., but strict safety protocols mean teachers may be forced to stay home and quarantine. This creates a higher-than-normal hunger for subs.

At the same time, many substitutes are not accepting assignments right now. Some may be in quarantine as well, while others are in a high-risk demographic or maybe helping children or grandchildren of their own with schoolwork at home.

As a result, many school districts are posting listings for substitute teachers, according to this report from WECT Channel 6.

This example, from New Hanover County, in North Carolina, shows the desperate need some schools are experiencing. It is now to the point that school counselors and principals are pitching in where and when they can.

The district is looking for anyone with a high school diploma to come and apply.