Which Companies Are Job Seekers Targeting The Most?

In today’s employment climate, tech workers know that their skills are in demand. The competition between companies looking to fill positions with the best and most qualified applicants is fierce. So which public and privately held companies are the top picks for job seekers looking to land their dream job?

According to a recent article appearing on the HR Dive website, Hired.com released its list of top contenders earlier this month. According to the report, Airbnb is the top privately held company with the highest score of Brand Positivity Index (BPI) while Google remains the top pick for a publicly-traded employer brand.

The BPI figures are calculated based on survey results submitted to 3,600 job candidates in the tech industry, such as product managers, software engineers, software designers, and data scientists. On the private company side of the list, Space X, Hulu, and Reddit follow closely behind Airbnb. For those organizations which are publicly held, Netflix, Apple, LinkedIn, and Microsoft beat out companies like Amazon which landed in the number seven position this time.

While most workers claim that they want to have meaningful work in an organization with a culture that most agrees with their personal convictions, Glassdoor reports that 67% of workers would leave their current company for better financial compensation and benefits. A Harris poll also recently indicated from a survey of 1,500 job seekers, 70% would leave their job if another company offered additional career development through continuing education and training.