Why Good Employees May Be Leaving You

If you have managed to put a stellar team together in your organization, of course, you want to be able to keep them happy. A recent article in Human Resources Online says that the ability to not only attract and hire top talent is one thing, but the ability to give them what they want and need before they start looking for greener pastures is another matter entirely.

Research Now recently conducted a survey of over 750 respondents that spanned genders, age groups, and regions asking what made them want to stay on the job and what might cause them to want to leave. Overall, workers want to have a clear work-life balance. The increasing amount of technology has made workers desire much more control over that balance.

According to the survey, there was an overwhelming expectation from workers across the board to see raises every year. Some 82% of the 763 surveyed expected that they would get a salary increase if their employer wanted to keep them on board. Other workers (36%) indicated that they would leave their current organization if they were not afforded the opportunity to work remotely. When it came to additional perks required, 62% of the respondents said that they wouldn’t even consider taking a job if they were not offered more than 15 days per year for vacation or personal days.

Some of the other reasons that workers cited for wanting to leave the company that they worked for were things such as

  • Negative office politics
  • Feeling as if the company values profits over their people
  • Finding out that their organization acted unethically
  • Not offering enough growth opportunities for workers to take their careers to the next level

Many workers do choose to stay with their company because they feel their benefits packages which may include medical, dental and retirement benefits could be reduced if they go somewhere else. Some answering the survey say that in taking another job they are afraid to have to start all over again with less PTO or vacation time.

Of course, the best approach overall is for employers to offer competitive wages and benefits packages to their workers in order to keep them from wandering away in search of greener pastures.