Have You Examined Your HR Policies This Year?

For any organization, taking a good look at the internal processes of each department as well as the overall business is a good practice to get into on an annual basis. According to an article penned by SILA Human Resource Manager, Payal Sondhi, which appeared on the Entrepreneur.com website, it’s a very good practice especially for HR departments to perform each year.

Developing an Annual HR Strategy

Sondhi recommends a number of steps to HR professionals on how to effectively develop a strategy for 2018. The first recommendation that she advises is to begin with an HR audit to examine current processes in order to find out what works and what doesn’t. All policies and procedures should be given a thorough going over. These should be compared to any important policy changes within the business’ industry as well as governmental and regulatory requirements. Changes are made each year, so doing such an assessment ahead of the new fiscal year can help avoid any potential setbacks.

Speak with Managers and Employees to Determine Needs

HR professionals are in the unique position of being able to help both managers and workers understand what should be the main areas of focus in order to help them do their jobs more effectively. Not everyone is likely to get everything they want but some key consideration may be:

  • Hiring, training and onboarding requirements for each department
  • Outstanding issues for managers and employees

Feedback received when querying workers and the heads of each respective department can shine a light on current concerns and give HR departments indication of others that may be of future concern.

Consider the Implementation Modern HR Trends

Today’s HR professional is using more apps for recruitment, pay, benefit and a number of other functions in order to streamline those processes. A number of mobile apps and integrated HR systems which utilize artificial intelligence can help HR run smoother and with a greater return on investment