Examples of Terrible Employees

When you hire someone to be a part of your team, it can take a little time before a manager gets to see what their true personality is really like. Each member of your team is likely to have some personality quirks. Some of these quirks might even cause you to ask yourself why you didn’t ask them more in-depth interview questions before you offered them the job.

Just keep in mind that for all the challenges that a worker might present to you, the situation could be much worse. Sometimes it’s helpful to know that your hiring decision might not have been as bad as it might have been. Take a look at some of the more recent examples of terrible employees and be happy that they aren’t working for your organization.

Fostering Good Relations?

It’s no secret that China is up and coming in the world of business and technology. At one Beijing company, the exercise of team building is handled a bit differently than what most would consider to be the norm. At this particular workplace, one of the managers requires all of his female team members to line up and give him a kiss on the lips every morning. The reason for this, according to this particular business leader is that the practice serves to foster good relations among colleagues.

When the story broke in social media, however, there were plenty of people from around the world who found it just as unacceptable as two of the company’s workers apparently did. The two women quit working for the company rather than having to kiss up to the boss every day.

Gender-Based Discrimination

For tech giant, Yahoo!, a former colleague alleges that CEO Marissa Mayer allegedly discriminated against workers based on gender when deciding who to terminate. A former media executive has filed a lawsuit against Mayer claiming that he was fired as a part of her goal to rid the company of male employees.

The worker further alleges that Mayer fired other workers according to a performance-rating metric of her own design. Other members of Yahoo’s management have also been named in the lawsuit.

Hands in the Till

Embezzlement can be an issue for any company of any size in any industry.  For one Las Cruces real estate office, an employee who was hired as an accounts payable coordinator was charged with embezzlement. The woman had been with the office for a total of six months and had managed to use 33 company checks order to make off with $29,000.

If convicted of the embezzlement charges that she now faces, the woman could find herself in prison for up to nine years.

To see more sobering examples of recent cringe-worthy employees, check out the rest of the article here.

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