HR Must Handle Digital Things, Too

There can be no doubt that the world of Human Resources (HR) has undergone huge transformation between the Industrial Age and our current Digital Age. The department that was largely responsible for the hiring, training, placement and termination of employees was where the human aspect of the business was dealt with while other departments oversaw things such as distribution, the plant, customer service and other parts of the operation.

Today with the advances in technology brought to us by big data through algorithms and analytics; it’s hard to know where the influence of other departments such as IT end and HR begins.

Companies that create software for HR teams have found that their customer base is fascinated by the technologies that have been created but are unwilling to pay for anything other than the most basic sets of tools that use familiar data. Too much information seems to be off-putting for some HR departments.

But, the other reasons the crowd wasn’t buying these products could be HR’s unwillingness to change and HR’s inability to step out of its administrative comfort zone.

HR professionals could adapt to the coming changes rather than resisting them. The changes are already here and HR professionals need to be savvy in areas of analytics and being able to determine whether the results fit to the needs of the company. According to a recent article by Brian Sommer that appeared in Dignomica, some of the analytics regarding attrition and possible departures of employees or in detecting bad bosses, are less than trustworthy.

Analytics can also be used in determining whether a job seeker will be a high performer, or to predict which employees may be tempted to commit fraud in relation to time entry, expense reports and other forms of theft of company assets. They also are used to predict when someone will retire or any number of other markers within a company’s workforce.

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