Visions and Fears of Digital HR

The face of HR is changing dramatically, especially in the area of digital HR. As digital HR gains acceptance and brings aspects of social, mobile analytic and cloud technologies together, the overall improvement in the workplace is tangible.

Digital HR can also help to improve the productivity of employees and make business processes throughout organizations more effective. It isn’t a question of if digital HR will be more widely embraced, but rather a matter of when.

In a recent article at, several HR professionals were asked how digital HR technologies were being embraced within their organizations.

For Steve Browne, Executive Director of HR at LaRosa’s Inc., their approach has been more “old school” but they have begun to embrace digital HR even though what they are using isn’t tied to any apps as of yet.

Browne realizes that in the near future, HR resources will be mostly app-based, his company is taking a look at scheduling apps in order to ensure that their team has current information at their fingertips.

He doesn’t believe that digital HR will replace people but it will improve how HR professionals do their jobs and he feels that more than going for a specific brand of digital HR applications, to consider how effectively they can be utilized to help HR professionals do their jobs.

For Alexey Mitkin, Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, The HR Tech Weekly, not all HR professionals are ready to utilize the new technologies offered by digital HR applications. Mitkin believes that one of the reasons for this is the all-too-human resistance to change. Along with this because new technologies are changing at a breakneck pace, it just simply isn’t possible for HR departments to adopt all of the new apps, even if they wanted to.

The third issue that Mitkin sees is that there will always be a learning curve that can affect the user experience whenever new technologies are adopted. Mitkin also feels that often company CEOs will invest in other areas of the business rather than HR, and so they may be slower to adapt to digital platforms for their human resource departments.

Others who were interviewed in the article gave their own take as to how their organizations are adapting to the changes within their HR department.  Their detailed and in depth answers as to how each of their companies are addressing the new digital technologies can be found here.

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