HR Professionals Should Prepare P&L Statements

There is a bit of an art to filling an open position at any company.  It takes know-how and strength to recruit, find and assist in hiring those workers.

Unfortunately, however, many companies view important positions that are the basic infrastructure within an organization such as IT, HR and accounting, and legal departments for example, as simply “overhead”. Some companies choose to find other service providers for these tasks rather than have them on-site.

According to a recent article, HR and other professionals would do well to prepare a P&L or Profit and Loss statement to help management teams understand the value provided with offering the right kind of services that are regarded as “overhead.”

HR Professionals = Problem Solvers

HR professionals who focus on what it is that they do right – such as helping the company save a sizeable chunk of cash on health insurance without a detrimental cost to employees, or helped to find the right candidate for that difficult-to-fill specialized position, for example, can make executives and management teams see the value in what they provide to the company and the money spent for that level of professional service.

For those departments that find themselves regarded as overhead within the company, keeping the idea that the bottom line is the bottom line and adding value by delighting managers, employees and executives is vital. Being fully aware of the service you provide and how that supports the profitability of the company and its investors can often prove to be instrumental.

Where does HR figure in your company?  Do you view the services that HR professionals provide as overhead or a luxury?   We understand that every company and its needs are different.  At NetPEO HR, we are HR professionals and we are focused on delighting our clients.  We offer a number of ways to attract, hire, and we’ll help you to manage and retain top talent for your organization.

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