HR Technologies Keep Making Advances

Technology is coming to influence more and more of our daily lives. With these advances come improved results with greater effectiveness than ever before, including in the field of human resources.

In a recent series by the Digital Journal, KMPG said in a review of HR technology that what organizations are really after are results. Businesses are looking for individualized software solutions that fit into their operations and can give them applicable analytics.

Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory said that organizations who have opted for more in the way of digital solutions, as many as 47 % report increased productivity along with employees being twice as likely to be engaged in the workplace culture, as well as HR professionals and management having access to better reporting and insight into operations through their use.

For those firms that fully embrace the benefits or human resource technologies, they will more than likely experience a much greater chance of seeing both cost savings and a significant improvement of return on investment. Some 86% of companies that have implemented HR software solutions report seeing the benefit of making use of the technology within the first 12 months.

Human resource departments are making use of the latest advances in cloud-based technologies as well as human resource software packages that can be customized to suit the needs of the organization.  Some features included in these packages are payroll, accounting, tax, and benefits information. There are even modules that help track the relationship of employees with the organization as well as their relationships within the company.

HR professionals can access needed information through apps that are user friendly either on a standard computer or on mobile apps that are user friendly to navigate. And while many organizations try to discourage their workers from using social media while on the job, according to analyst Ben Hart, this is a mistake. Hart insists that today social media fills an important role in encouraging employee engagement and that humans connecting and sharing and being social with one another can more easily connect with each other and with customers.

Through the digital culture, HR can keep track not only how well employees do on the job but offer access for training, promote collaboration, encourage sharing and creative thinking. Social media can also serve an important role in recruiting new potential workers for available positions within the company. While some managers are still a bit hesitant as to what technology is able to do for their organizations, the results are hard to deny.

The world of work and the technology to bring people and organizations together is constantly changing. HR professionals are making use of technologies to track information that would have been far more labor intensive even a few short years ago.  Making use of what technology is available and how to harness it for your needs is just a part of what it means to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

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