Masters in HR Development Now Offered at Villanova

The work of an HR professional is much bigger than most employees will ever know. After the first day and the whirlwind of going over policies, benefit packages, orientation and paperwork, HR professionals are always in the background making sure that the new hire is onboarded as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

For HR professionals, every day is something new because the world of human resources is constantly changing – almost on a daily basis. Unlike even just a few years ago, human resource departments not only address the concerns of companies and their workers, but there are also added concerns such as the factors around globalization, technological advances, regulatory changes on the local, state and federal levels as well as diversity and equality in the workplace. Because of the constant changes in this exciting career field, that is why Villanova University is offering a Master’s of Science in Human Resource Development degree.

In a recent interview that appeared in Philly Magazine, Alex Miller, HR business partner with Northrop Grumman, discusses how his degree from Villanova has proved to be so valuable in his career.

Miller stresses that there is simply no such thing as a typical day at work for an HR professional. Every day has its challenges as well as the need to develop programs that train the next leaders of organizations. There is always going to be the constant challenge for those leaders to take on more responsibilities within a workplace that is constantly changing and continually on the move.

So, what is the most challenging part of Alex Miller’s job? “The most challenging part of my job is being comfortable with being uncomfortable,” he said.” Our company has amazing opportunities for every employee, and to grow and succeed, you must be able to step outside of your comfort zone.”

Miller stresses that his master’s degree has helped in improving the environment within the workplace for his coworkers One of Miller’s favorite classes was a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) course that helped him get a greater understanding of the business context D &I initiatives. Once he graduated, Miller found that his company, Northrop Grumman, strives to be a leader in that area in particular. He believes that he somewhat of a catalyst for D&I initiatives that the company puts into practice assists in making them more innovative and competitive.

For those who might want to go into the area of Human Resources or just want to get a greater understanding of what HR professionals do, Miller advises getting to know the people that work in HR departments in order to understand how deep the field really is and how it affects the rest of the company. You can check out the rest of the interview, here (

Nothing in the world of human resources is typical.  The world of work and managing the people within any organization is constantly changing. Companies are finding that it takes diligent hard work just to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Of course, you want your organization to be current, compliant and attractive to potential employees.

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