Rehiring Spree Causes HR Position Boom

The pandemic caused a lot of layoffs and depressed the labor force. Now HR job postings are booming as employers scramble to get new talent in place. Marketplace reports.

Data from Indeed shows that HR job postings have increased more than other industries, including restaurants and retail. There was a 15% jump in May alone.

Barb Holland from SHRM chimed in. “You have OSHA rules, you have state rules, you may have city rules and you have, how do you deal with people who are vaccinated and not vaccinated?”

Many companies are facing pushback from the labor force about better pay and working from home post-pandemic, so companies need to have skilled recruiters that can negotiate between the two sides.

In many ways, the pandemic called the bluff of some companies that working from home was too expensive or inefficient. What used to be a high-end job perk was the norm for over a year and now people are very reluctant to return.

There are also questions about pay. Many people say that current wages have not kept up with productivity and need to rise to make living affordable. Others say that the pandemic payouts and increased unemployment amounts gave workers too much power to negotiate pay.