Resume Assistant Tool Now Available For Office 365 Subscribers

As of November 8th of this year, those who subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365 will have access to the Resume Assistant tool that the tech giant developed with LinkedIn. In just under a year after Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, job seekers and HR professionals alike are beginning to see results of using this new free tool included as a part of MS Word. Because an estimated 80% of resumes are either created or updated in Word and the number of workers or job seekers that utilize LinkedIn, the addition of Resume Assistant is a natural fit.

According to an article which appeared on the Employee Benefits Advisor website, those who purchase a subscription to Microsoft’s Office 365 can have access to Resume Assistant for as little as $6.99 per month. The Microsoft-LinkedIn tool was designed to make resume creation for those seeking a job easier for them. An additional perk of this newly developed tool is that it’s also made recruiting tasks for HR departments easier. Many HR professionals using it have noted that it makes aligning open positions with potential candidates who are qualified to fill those openings.

Unlike resume templates of the past, Resume Assistant helps applicants create a resume in MS Word while utilizing LinkedIn’s online resources through the use of AI. LinkedIn has on its website a number of examples of resumes with the kind of copy and work experience that makes them look their best and it points that potential employers are looking for. In addition, LinkedIn users who are looking for work are able to see an average of more than 11 million job openings that are available at any given time.

LinkedIn, with the help of Microsoft, has also developed Open Candidates Service and Recruiter products that tie directly into Resume Assistant. HR managers can receive notification of a potential candidate’s availability and skillset as the highly competitive and increased demand to hire qualified candidates is a constant for most organizations, this tool promises to streamline the process for both companies and for job seekers.

So far Microsoft has not said when it plans to release additional apps and features it has in store through its LinkedIn network. However, they did indicate that they expect there would likely be more products being released in the future.

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