Celebrating Neurodiversity

A recent report by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) encourages employers to consider changing their attitudes and business practices to help staff members that have neurological challenges and celebrate neurodiversity. The report coincides with National Dyslexia week.

The term of neurodiversity has only been in use over the last 25 years and describes the diversity among people in how they are “wired”.  Whether an employee has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, dyslexia or other condition, their strengths may actually directed positively for both those workers and the companies that they work for.

Very few know more about neurological diversity than autism spokesperson and consultant, Temple Grandin.   She knows firsthand that neurological challenges can be of benefit to both workers and the companies they work for.  Grandin suggests that it probably was “some guy with high-functioning Asperger’s developed the first stone spear; it wasn’t developed by the social ones yakking around the campfire”.

Grandin has helped companies and neurology researchers understand that those who have neurological challenges and who process information and work differently can still make valuable contributions to their work teams. In the past we might have thought that behavior in the world of work is standardized, but today, by recognizing and tapping into the latent potential of works with conditions such as dyslexia or autism they can help these workers develop highly specialized skills that may prove challenging for other employees.

This can be achieved by:

  • Offering greater flexibility in the performance of job roles to allow neurologically diverse employees to play to their strengths. Not everyone has the same approach to and generic competencies for everyone can severely limit them in successfully doing their job. High functioning autistic workers, for example, may be very good at processing extremely detailed and repetitive tasks that other employees might miss.
  • Making managers and other staff members more aware of how such conditions might affect their job performance. Even those managers and workers who might themselves have such neurological conditions themselves. People are not always aware with how their condition may enhance or inhibit job performance. Having a network or support system of employees can help find resources and open up creative ways to enhance job performance in the workplace.

The goal is to have a work environment that is geared toward allowing all employees have a way to shine – even those who might think just a little bit differently.

At NetPEO, we understand that having a diverse workforce is important. The strengths and talents of all your employees can be used to enhance your company’s ability to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace.

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